Questions & Answers

Where are the services of Nutritopia offered?

Our in-home services are offered in Nassau and Suffolk County.

What equipment do we need to have available?

You should have a proper working oven and stovetop, refrigerator and freezer that hold temperature. Additional refrigerator storage space is always a good thing and welcome. Proper working sink faucet and plumbing are necessary.

What containers should we use to store the meals?

We come in with our own storage containers that you can purchase through us or on your own, we also offer disposable containers if desired.

What type of food does Nutritopia cook? Do you accommodate specific dietary restrictions?

Our meals are prepared with the finest, freshest, highest-quality, nutrient-dense, organic, whole food ingredients, pasture raised eggs, organic poultry, wild-caught fish and grass-fed meats. The meals will be nutritious without compromising flavor. We accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies from gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, to whole30, paleo and ketogenic only to name a few.
Nutritopia Meals
Nutritopia Meals

Do you calculate calories and macronutrient breakdown?

We do not provide calorie counts or macronutrient breakdowns. We create a customized menu according to your nutritional goals. You are more than welcome to provide us with specific nutrition guidelines and measurements to follow and we will portion the food according to your instructions.

How many cooking sessions are necessary weekly?

Nutritopia will come to your home once a week. Depending on the size of your household or the amount of food you would like prepared, we may recommend using the service twice weekly and upgrade accordingly.

How long does the food last?

Per FDA guidelines we recommend eating our food within 4 days. You can also freeze the foods for them to stay safe longer.

How do you select the menu?

Your chef will provide a customized menu for you on a weekly basis, based on your needs and preferences, as well as any special requests you’ve made. You will have the opportunity to review the menu and request any modifications.

How do I schedule my weekly Meal Prep?

Together we will customize a schedule based on your needs.

Can I work with Nutritopia on a bi-weekly or once a month basis?

We only accommodate on a weekly recurring basis for a full month.

Do we have to be home for the Meal Prep?

No, we can cook for you, while you go on with your daily routines and activities.

How does it work with the grocery shopping?

Groceries will be ordered online from wholefoods by Nutritopia and delivered to your home prior to your chef’s arrival. Grocery costs depend on your meal selections and will get billed directly to the client’s credit card on file.
Nutritopia Meals
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Do you cook for children and young babies?

Yes. We love helping establish healthy eaters from young and introduce new foods in creative ways. We will create child friendly meals and also puree them for your little ones. We can also help you by preparing school lunches for the week.

When will we start seeing results?

When you switch to a healthy lifestyle regimen your body needs to adjust to the impact and changes of those new eating habits. You will gradually start feeling the difference in your overall health and well being and will be happy with the progress you make.

How does payment work?

You can pay with credit card, venmo, Zelle or cash. There is a processing fee for credit card transactions.