As a healthy lifestyle fanatic and advocate, it soon became my passion to cook for everyone around me in the same fashion I do for my family.

From a very young age, I was in the kitchen with my mother, who always had me next to her cooking for our very large family. My parents where immigrants in Germany and my siblings and I were raised 100% “Greek”, all while living in the melting pot community that we called home in Wuppertal, Germany.

I was exposed to the Mediterranean diet all my life and as I got older, I learned that what mom had been feeding us all along was actually really good for you. Soon after this discovery, I naturally took my healthy eating journey to the next level, and explored different cuisines from around the world that I could incorporate into my own healthy eating food choices.

My formal education and line of work put me in a pathway where I was exposed to different cultures from around the world and this gave me the ability to see things from different perspectives and also absorb their healthy cuisine options.

Christina cutting vegetables

Equipped with all this knowledge of healthy, delicious, and worldly cuisines, I made it my mission to spread this lifestyle of healthy living to all those around me. With my father’s headstrong work ethic, my mother’s kitchen craft and my family to inspire me, I set forth to bring my passion to life and created nutritopia.

With nutritopia I will be your private and personal in-home chef that will customize, plan, and coordinate your weekly meal schedule as well as any special events and celebrations. My love and dedication for my family was the inspiration to start sharing this life changing journey, and now it is my pleasure to share it with you!

bon appétit!